Articles by DeLynn Colvert

Tip 1: "Sleeper" cards
Tip 2: The magic eleven
Tip 3: The non-dealer 5-card trap
Tip 4: The dealer 5-card trap
Tip 5: Trapping the J
Tip 6: Other traps
Tip 7: Logic!
Tip 8: The end game: defensive pegging
Tip 9: The end game: offensive pegging
Tip 10: Twenty-Six Theory, part 1
Tip 11: Twenty-Six Theory, part 2
Tip 12: Twenty-Six Theory, part 3
Tip 13: Twenty-Six Theory, part 4
Tip 14: Twenty-Six Theory, part 5
Tip 15: The first dealer's par holes
Tip 16: The first non-dealer's par holes
Tip 17: Average game length
Tip 18: Non-dealer hand analysis
Tip 19: Dealer hand analysis
Tip 20: Dealer and non-dealer scoring odds

DeLynn Colvert is the world's highest rated tournament player. He has made the ACC All-American team 22 times. He is the first person to earn his Life Master - Six Stars, an accomplishment that only one other cribbage player has achieved.

DeLynn was also the editor of the monthly magazine Cribbage World for many years. These Playing Tips are excerpted from his book Play Winning Cribbage.

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