ACC Statistics

Congratulations to the following players who picked up awards in May/June:


245 Marty Symons, Madras, OR
246 Rick Allen, Richmond, VA


416 Cynthia Wark, Sunnyvale, CA
417 Jason Hofbauer, Washougal, WA
418 Diana Webster, Sutherlin, OR
419 Richard Hinrichs, Redding, CA


958 Betsy Miller, Plymouth, MN
959 Liz Stockdale, Bonners Ferry, ID
960 Ian Symons, Madras, OR
961 Roger D. Baxter, Aurora, CO
962 David Bute, Brush, CO

The ACC has been compiling statistics since it began back in the early 80s. As each tournament is played the results are relayed to the National Statistician who compiles the numbers and recalculates season and lifetime statistics.

As players accumulate more and more points they work their way towards Master awards. The cutoffs for each of the award levels is as follows:

Points Award
2,000 Master
4,000 Grand Master
6,000 Life Master
10,000 Life Master - One Star
15,000 Life Master - Two Stars
20,000 Life Master - Three Stars
25,000 Life Master - Four Stars
30,000 Life Master - Five Stars
35,000 Life Master - Six Stars
40,000 Life Master - Seven Stars

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