Membership Information

ACC memberships are $20/year for individuals and $25/year for joint memberships (two members living at the same address), life (must be at least 65) individuals ($300) and joint ($375) - both must be at least 65: membership application.

Youth membership application, for members ages 5 through 18.

Membership includes a monthly subscription to Cribbage World which contains information about playing tips, tournament results, and future tournaments in the USA and Canada and standings in the three regions of the tournament players. For local play, the ACC has a system of local clubs, called Grass Roots clubs.

If you want to apply for ACC membership you can download and mail the official application form to Larry Hassett, whose information is to the right and on the form.

For more information, you can also call 1-888-Pegging (1-888-734-4464). We hope to see you at a tournament or club soon.

 Membership Application Word
 Membership Application pdf
 Youth Membership Application Word
 Youth Membership Application pdf
 Larry Hassett
 Membership Chairman
 PO Box 2444
 Roseburg, OR 97470-0510