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(Updated 10/06/2017)

We could use a few more volunteers for GameColony. (You must have the time available to host.)  Contact John Schafer for more information.


Please try out this new cribbage site.  Yes it requires Java.  No, we dont know if it works from smartphones, iPads or Mac's.  Give Tammy or John feedback, good or bad and possible suggestions for improvements.


Sep 2017 :

What a shake up in the standings.  Pat Liegl has jumped to the top but with John A. Kern having a great month look out.

We can not stress enough.  Verify your player names you play under at GameColony ( Player List by Game Colony Screen Name) and eCribbage (Player List by eCribbage Screen Name).  This could account for why what IRP's you think you should have and what IRP's you really have.  If they are different then you need to register the names you do play under click on Register (Note:  The name(s) has to be an exact match of the name(s) you play under.


Top 10%

Name IRPs Ts
1.  Pat Liegl 201 28
  2.  John A. Kern 188 33  
  3.  Monica Newton 171 28  
4.  Gerald Carthy 160 25
  5.  Sue Edwards 156 29  
  6.  William MacMillan 156 20  
7.  Mike Rosenstock 144 27
  8.  Lawrence O. Hatch 135 13
9.  Sam Sinram 128 30
  10. James Gear 123 33  
11. Scott A. Milo 111 12
  12. Ronald A. Boule` 110 21  
  13. Kurt Ocker 110 25  

Life eMasters - One Star
No member
reached 10,000 IRPs in September.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in September.

New Grand eMasters            Bradley Gronli (Dakesh) reached 4,000 IRPs in September.

New eMasters
No member
reached 2,000  IRPs in September.


Player of the Month - August

With a total of 129 IRP's in September 2017 the Player of the Month is: John A. Kern (JohnInSD).


ACC Internet Tournament Winners

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Aug 2017 :

Top 10%

Name IRPs Ts
1.  William MacMillan 129 13
  2.  Lawrence O. Hatch 117 7  
  3.  Mike Rosenstock 108 17  
4.  Pat Liegl 107 16
  5.  Gerald Carthy 90 13  
  6.  Carol Miller 87 12  
7.  Sam Sinram 83 16
  8.  Gary Brandt 82 17
9.  Kurt Ocker 81 15
  10. Monica Newton 74 14  
11. Richard Ortado 69 9
  12. Scott A. Milo 63 7  

The new season started out with a bang.  William MacMillan reigns supreme for now, we will see what the future holds.

Tournaments will be held throughout the Grand National, so those not attending keep on playing.

Life eMasters - One Star
No member
reached 10,000 IRPs in August.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in August.

New Grand eMasters            No member reached 4,000 IRPs in August.

New eMasters
Brad Saunders (zeke11563)
reached 2,000  IRPs in August.


Player of the Month - August

With a total of 129 IRP's in August 2017 the Player of the Month is: William MacMillan (wy00191L).




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